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PIDERS Tanzania

We works in partnership with marginal communities/ farmers and Small scale Traders and processors, helping them to manage their natural resources more effectively and build sustainable livelihoods  and livelihoods restoration program/projects on their land/business so that future Generations don’t have to depend on handouts of aid.

Promotion of Integrated Development and Relief Service (PIDERS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental Organization with its board members and executive secretariat in Babati District – MANYARA Region.

Organization Structure: 

Controlled by management Board (Supreme body Comprising of 10 members). Follows the Chief executive officer; Administrator / accountant, support staff and volunteers.

Under executive secretariat there is program operation related to specific development fields with focus to Community based organization (CBOs); Social – economic groups among the community.

PIDERS executive secretariat is responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes as well as for raising funds with bilateral, institutional and multilateral donors, also is relief and development programmes from the public, corporations, government and foundations.

Development Objectives:

Promotion / Facilitation of Social – economic, Environment undertakings of the grass root Community towards improving the general living conditions of the target population.

Target Audience (Beneficiaries):

The rural grass root Community in Manyara region starting with Babati District and gradual expansion to other areas in Tanzania is envisaged.


PIDERS is a reliable and trusted NGO with ability to improve the livelihood security of poor households through a diverse and dynamic network of local communities in line with National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty, (NSGRP) MKUKUTA (II) &MKUZA (II). In every intervention PIDERS explore linkages that reach greater number of people, alleviate poverty and save more lives.

Mission Statement.

PIDERS goal is to reduce poverty by enabling marginalised Tanzanians to make sustainable improvements to their well being through more effective management of their renewable natural resources and capacity building.

Core Value.

The following core values guide PIDERS’S work and how the Staff of PIDERS related to each other, partners and all project stakeholders.


  • Within PIDERS we depend on one another’s efforts to succeed. We are committed to our work and our partners to achieve mutual goals.
  • Build partnerships with another organization that will help us fulfill our shared purpose.
  • Learn from and support one another to acquire the skills and knowledge to fulfill our personal and professional aspirations.
  • Work with dedication and individual Commitment.


  • We take responsibility for our decisions and actions and ensure the proper use of the resources entrusted to us.
  • Ensure transparent stewardship in administering PIDERS policies and procedures.
  • Use good judgments in the use of PIDERS financial and material resources.
  • Deal truthfully in transactions with partners, staff, donors and others.
  • Highlight problems at an earlier stage, report them and seek solutions.


  • We recognize and value the worth, potential and dignity of every human being.
  • Treat other with respect and tolerance.
  • Provide the opportunities for individuals to work for and shape their development.
  • Support monitoring based on mutual respect.


We aim to work in a Manner which brings about positive change both in our achievement of long-term and lasting goals, and in our use of resources.

  • Seek input from our partners and work with them to achieve lasting impact.
  • Promote team work across projects in support of our common purpose.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity.


We recognize and value the diversity of life.  We seek to promote tolerance, understanding and equity amongst people and between people and other forms of life.

  • Promote diversity in gender, ethnicity race, religion and nationality in the work place.
  • Solicit diverse views in decision – making
  • Value the intrinsic worth of plants and animals.
  • Do least harm in our interaction with the environment.
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